Hello! Call center expansion adds 200 new jobs


A contract with Publisher's Clearinghouse has been good luck for a west metro company which is expanding in part as a result of its new deal with the famed sweepstakes company.

TwinCitiesBusiness reports that Skybridge Americas, a call center and product fulfillment company, has hired more than 100 workers in the past two months. The Greenfield, Minn. company expects to add 100 more workers in the first quarter of 2014.

The company will also be hiring 60 workers over the holiday season. Earlier this year, the Associated Press reported that national retailers including Target and Kohl's would hire more help for the holidays this year.

Most of Skybridge America's need for additional workers is related to a five-year extension of its longstanding contract with Publishers Clearing House. Skybridge Americas provides phone support, technical online support, and other services for Publishers Clearing House.

Skybridge Americas also boasts several new newspaper clients, including the Star Tribune. In addition to traditional call center services, Skybridge Americas provides product fulfillment, IT and helpdesk support, social media management, and services for loyalty programs.

Skybridge Americas, founded as Maple Plain Fulfillment in 1953, has been bought and sold several times. The company currently employs about 400 people in Minnesota and another 465 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Former Midwest Sports Channel executive and CEO of the Minnesota Twins CEO Kevin Catoor joined the company as CEO in November of 2012.

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