Hell's Kitchen opening 'Minnesota Room' to show off state's wonders

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A Minneapolis restaurant that serves thousands of out-of-towners every year will open a redone room that shows off the history and uniqueness of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Hell's Kitchen says its Minnesota Room will demonstrate the state's "wonders, playfulness and curiosities" and the whole thing, from its design to decor to its construction, is being done by Minnesotans from around the state, Hell's Kitchen wrote on Facebook.

City Pages previewed the room, saying Hell's Kitchen, which served 340,000 diners last year, many from outside the Twin Cities, is often a "must stop" location for out-of-towners.

The Minnesota Room, which is expected to open Friday Jan. 16, will be "quietly elegant, yet definitely different," the restaurant said on Facebook.

Huge panels will display "Minnesota-isms" like Ole and Lena jokes, state trivia, photos and American Indian artifacts, City Pages says. The name of every Minnesota city and town is also being etched into the booth partitions, the publication notes.

There's also a redone fireplace that includes a trail of rocks, gems and minerals hidden into its design – all from Minnesota, Hell's Kitchen said on Facebook.

The owners of Hell's Kitchen – award-winning chefs Steve Meyer and Mitch Omer – invested over a quarter million dollars on the redesign, City Pages reports.

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