Help make Al Franken eat something weird at the State Fair

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Let's make Al Franken eat something weird at the State Fair.

The U.S. senator for Minnesota, who is in his second term, is letting people vote on which new food item he should be forced to eat. The options are:

"There are a bunch of great options to choose from this year, and a few that make me nervous," Franken wrote on Facebook. (Of course those options are only a very small sampling of all the new foods – click here for the full list of 32 items).

You can go here to vote on what Franken should chow down on when the fair starts Aug. 25. Though note that you have to punch in your name, email and zip code.

A couple years ago, Franken had to down fried pickles in chocolate sauce (which is where the photo above is from). He said it "tasted exactly how you would expect it to."

Of course, Franken is also looking to meet some of his constituents, saying the State Fair is also about "talking to Minnesota families from every corner" of the state.

"So I can't wait to get out there and hear from you, and maybe even sneak a pork chop on a stick or an ear of roasted sweet corn between conversations," his Facebook message says.

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