Hennepin County warrant sweep targets drug offenders


The Hennepin County Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement officials are asking everyone with a warrant for their arrest to turn themselves in – or risk the embarrassment of being arrested at work or at home.

“Do not become a fugitive of the law by ignoring a warrant; it’s not going to go away on its own. You need to make the right decision and turn yourself in before officers come knocking at the door because we will make sure you are held accountable,” Sheriff Rich Stanek said in a news release.

The sheriff's office announced Sunday that as part of an effort to clear a backlog of warrants, it will be looking for over 160 people facing drug-related charges in the sweep that begins Tuesday and lasts through the end of June, KSTP notes.

Numerous police departments around the state have been cracking down on drug-related crimes since a recent spike in heroin and other drug-related deaths. In April, heroin use killed 17 people in Hennepin County and in 2013 there were a record-setting 56 heroin-related deaths, the Pioneer Press notes.

Think there might be a warrant for you? You’ll have to drop by the sheriff’s office in person because the county doesn’t release that information over the phone. And if you want to post bail, bring cash, not a check.

The sheriff's office has had success in past warrant sweeps, which have focused on domestic violence cases as well as DWI offenders.

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