Here comes the bill: MSP weddings spendier than national average


The Huffington Post suggested that couples might consider changing their vows to say "til debt do us part."

The website has a link to the Wedding Report, which annually compiles completely unromantic data, statistics and numbers for the wedding industry.

The report finds that the average American couple in 2012 spent $25,200 on their big day. The story points out that the number is about half of the median household income in the U.S.

The Wedding Report breaks down costs by states and metropolitan areas.

In the Twin Cities metro area, it puts the average wedding cost at $29,992. The average number of guests for Twin Cities weddings was between 223 and 233. The survey said the weddings are worth $563 million to the local economy.

The statewide numbers are lower, and fall slightly below the national average. The average wedding cost $25,003 and had between 160 and 170 guests. The weddings contribute $745 million to the state.

The grand totals add up costs in dozens of categories, including dresses, tuxedos, hair styling, bands or DJs, flowers, reception halls, invitations, photographers, food, cake, even tips.

The most expensive states to get married in are New Jersey, Hawaii and Connecticut.

The numbers in the report do not reflect gay weddings, which began in Minnesota in August of 2013. The Williams Institute, a national think tank associated with the UCLA Law School, estimated that in the first three years that same sex marriage is legal will bring an estimated $42 million to the state and local economy.

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