Here comes the flood: political ad tsunami rolling in

Political groups are preparing to dump political ads on Twin Cities TV screens beginning next week. More than $2 million worth of ad time has been reserved so far between now and the Nov. 6 election, and Democrats and Republicans are expected to buy even more, the Associated Press reports.

Are you ready for some ... political advertisements?

At least $2 million in ad time in the Twin Cities market has been purchased by political groups, and more is likely to be spent before the Nov. 6 election, the Associated Press reports.

Ultimately, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee plans to spend $2.8 million on ads in Minnesota, a spokeswoman said. The National Republican Congressional Committee has reserved $1.2 million in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market just for the 8th District race, featuring DFLer Rick Nolan and incumbent Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack.

A 30-second spot can cost from a few hundred dollars to $20,000 during a Sunday Vikings game, the AP says.

All this means its Christmas time for broadcasters. Adweek reports that local, network and cable TV will see a 23 percent boost in revenue this year over last thanks to political advertising – perhaps as much as $5.2 billion total.

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Despite objectionable content, local TV stations required by law to run political ads

KARE-TV reached out to experts to find out that they by law are required to run political ads that may be objectionable to viewers, including a new spot by Gary Boisclair, a Tea Party supporter running in the 5th District DFL primary against incumbent Democrat Keith Ellison. Boisclair purchased air time on several local stations to claim Ellison is a Muslim extremist, and show images of dead babies purported to be aborted fetuses.

Democratic Campaign Committee makes first ad buy in 8th District race

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released its first ad in Minnesota Saturday that targets Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack in the 8th District race for Congress -- a day after the National Republican Congressional Committee started running ads against Cravaack's opponent, former U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan.

WCCO pulls campaign ad that attacks Cravaack

It appears WCCO has pulled a political ad that takes aim at freshman Rep. Chip Cravaack, R-Minn., paid for by a Democratic political action committee. The ad suggests Cravaack charges people for access, which he strongly denies.

Outside groups flood Cravaack-Nolan race with cash

Minnesota’s 8th District race between incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack and Democrat Rick Nolan is among the nation's closes House races. It's also among the most expensive – No. 6 on a list of races ranked by spending by outside groups. About $5.6 million has been dumped in the race as of Monday, the Duluth News Tribune reports.