Here comes the snow: 6-12 inches possible Monday into Tuesday

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Heavy snow is in the forecast for the Twin Cities and much of central and southern Minnesota Monday into Tuesday.

A winter storm warning is in effect for part of the area, stretching from southwestern Minnesota through the metro area and into the northeastern part of the state, with 6-12 inches possible in that area.

A storm that brought tornadoes and flash flooding to Texas and is expected to bring a historic blizzard to the high plains Sunday, will move north into Minnesota and Wisconsin by Monday, the National Weather Service says.

That storm is supposed to weaken a little bit by the time it gets to us, but heavy snowfall totals are still expected, the weather service notes.

Snowfall will likely move into southwest and south-central Minnesota by Monday afternoon, then spread north and east to east-central Minnesota and west-central Wisconsin by Monday evening.

The storm could significantly impact travel, especially for the Monday evening and Tuesday morning commute, meteorologist Paul Huttner wrote on MPR News' Updraft blog.

As of Monday morning, the National Weather Service says there's an 83 percent chance the Twin Cities metro will pick up 6-plus inches of snow.

Here's a look at the probability for snowfall totals in the region (see more here):

Behind this storm, temperatures are expected to drop, meteorologist Paul Douglas wrote on the Star Tribune weather blog. Highs are expected to be in the teens for New Year's Day, with windchill values at or below zero for New Year's Eve.

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