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Here's $10. Do you want to receive it? Or give it?


A Minneapolis digital design agency is using its annual holiday card to conduct a social experiment in whether people prefer to give or receive.

Space150 distributed cards that were worth ten dollars to the first 150 people who sent the company a tweet. Use the #give and the money is donated to a charitable cause (PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center). Use the #receive and space150 sends the ten bucks to you.

space150 let the experiment last only for 150 responses, to stay within a $1,500 budget. It's obviously a non-scientific experiment, although in addition to social media the company tried to broaden the base of respondents by also using some low-tech means to get the word out – handing out flyers and taking out an ad at a bus shelter.

The company reached the cap of 150 responses late Monday afternoon. While it hasn't announced the results yet, space150 says "very few" respondents chose to receive. And the Business Journal notes at least one tweeted that he was receiving only in order to redirect the money to a different charitable cause.

And of course, in return for giving away $1,500 space150 is receiving some buzz for its innovative idea. Digiday ranks it among the best agency holiday cards of 2013. Digiday says the competition for that honor keeps getting stiffer, as agencies seek to out-do one another with their creativity.

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