Here's 10 of Minnesota's best viral social media moments of 2016

Minnesota was put on the map this year with some of the cutest, funniest and most clever social media posts.
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This year wasn't the beginning or end of internet memes and viral sensations, and the Twin Cities was the source many of this year's most prized gems.

Here are 10 that blew up in the last 12 months.

"Bus Stop Dance Party"

Most recently, Jordan Hedlund of Minneapolis posted a video of himself turning a busted, flickering light in a bus stop shelter into a personal rave sesh. Hedlund uploaded a 8-second clip of the snow-filled, mini dance party to YouTube and added "Kill Everybody" by Skrillex to seal the deal. The video has entertained almost 50K people so far.

You better work

In March, Cesia Abigail, owner of Abi's Cafe, gave a homeless man a job instead of the money he initially requested upon entering the Lake Street restaurant. Her detailed Facebook post of the account currently has 181,000 likes and 54,000 shares.

Finger or hot dog

Jack Doole, uploaded his Snapchat story to Twitter one summer day after an innocent trip to the Twin Cities Premium Outlets turned into a scene and sea of security guards and firefighters. His little brother Ben got his middle finger stuck in a bench and had to call in some assistance. Over 40,000 people retweeted the embarrassingly hilarious post, and it has almost 50,000 likes.

"Grow Food"

The rap music video about growing food instead of relying on unhealthy, easily accessible options was released last month. Since then, it has reached over 228,000 views on YouTube and has been shared nationally on sites like BET and VICE.

Watch the Stove

Another rap masterpiece that was birthed in the state of lakes, is the April Fools mixtape released by Helper of Hamburger Helper. The project was the outcome of General Mills approaching the hip-hop department at McNally Smith College of Music and its program coordinator Toki Wright. The opening track "Feed the Streets" features local legends Bobby Raps and DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and has almost 8 million plays.

New stadium, new anthem

One more rap video that took off this year, was "Kings of the North" by Minneapolis MC Nate Millyunz. The unofficial Vikings anthem has reached almost 300K views on YouTube alone.

The sweetest smile

Most viral stories provide a contagious reaction, a smile. This post of a wide-eyed, smiley preemie baby from Minnesota has been liked 230,000 and shared by 54,000 Facebook users.

Dubsmashing daddy

Early this year, Eric Bruce of Minneapolis, uploaded a YouTube compilation of the Dubsmash videos he made with his baby during 2015. Since then, over 5.5 million people have enjoyed the supercut of several silly moments and Steve Irwin-themed clips, R.I.P.

Costco engagement photos

The preview photo below of a Reddit post shows a couple holding and looking lovingly at a slab a meat like a newborn baby. The rest of the photo set is engagement photos that a Minnesota couple got taken at one of their favorite places to shop, Costco. The post has received almost 93,000 views.

Frozen jeans

Here is one more winter-themed meme for good measure. Tom Grotting of Minneapolis took advantage of last winter's cool temps to entertain his neighbor and the interwebs with his infamous frozen jeans.

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