Jacob Frey elected mayor of Minneapolis

He beat out incumbent Betsy Hodges – but it took multiple rounds of counting.

Jacob Frey is the next mayor of Minneapolis, beating out incumbent Betsy Hodges. 

The race was called Wednesday afternoon following further tabulation of the ranked-choice voting ballots.

The 36-year-old former city council member didn't have enough first choice votes to be declared the winner Tuesday night, but was in the lead with 24.9 percent. (A candidate needed 50 percent plus one more vote to be declared the winner).


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Because of that, five candidates were still in contention for the seat after round one. So officials had to count voters' second and third choices for mayor until one candidate got the majority (learn more about that process in this video). 

The counting began Wednesday morning and lasted five rounds

Frey faced off against 15 other candidates. The next closest vote getter was former state Rep. Raymond Dehn, followed by Hodges.

When Frey takes office in January, he'll be the second-youngest mayor in the city's history.

What about other city races?

We had some results from the Minneapolis City Council races on Tuesday night, but others will have to wait until second and third choices are calculated.

You might have already heard of one of Tuesday's historic moments, when Andrea Jenkins became the first openly-transgender person to win election to a city council seat, in Ward 8.

But another big story of the night concerns one race which hasn't yet been decided, in North Minneapolis' Ward 4, where Barb Johnson, the City Council president since 2006, is in a titanic tussle with candidate Phillipe Cunningham.

First choice votes had Johnson just ahead, with 2,254 to Cunningham's 2,135, so the winner will depend on second and third choice votes.

North Minneapolis is the scene of another close race, in Ward 5, where incumbent Blong Yang trailed rival Jeremiah Ellison – the son of state Rep. Keith Ellison – after the first round, 1,605 votes to 1,981.

Elsewhere, Ward 2 councilor Cam Gordon, Ward 7's Lisa Goodman, Ward 10's Lisa Bender, Ward 12's Andrew Johnson, and Ward 13's Linea Palmisano have all retained their seats. 

And on Wednesday, more city council races were called

In Ward 3, Steve Fletcher, who was the DFL-endorsed candidate, was elected to replace Frey. Jeremy Schroeder beat out incumbent John Quincy for his Ward 11 seat. And Alondra Cano was re-elected in Ward 9. 

Election officials said tabulation for the remaining city races will likely be finished by Thursday.

For updates on the races as they're called, visit the Minneapolis Votes website or follow the agency on Twitter.

Adam Uren helped with the reporting for this story. 

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