Here's how to find out who won in Tuesday's election

30 cities and 145 school districts held elections Tuesday.

Thirty municipalities and 145 school districts across Minnesota held local elections Tuesday.

Most cities and counties will post results on their respective websites, but you can also find results from local elections on the Minnesota Secretary of State's website here


Melvin Carter is St. Paul's next mayor

The website allows you to search for races by county, city and school district. 

Precincts started reporting results soon after the polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, but it can take some time for results to come in. 

That's especially the case for Minneapolis, which uses ranked-choice voting in municipal elections, and the process can take a long time (this video explains how ranked-choice voting works). 

If a candidate doesn't get the majority of first choice votes (50 percent plus one vote for races with one seat) Tuesday night, election officials have to do more counting. 

Election officials in Minneapolis will use an electronic system to help tabulate ranked-choice voting ballots faster. They'll begin this process around noon on Wednesday, starting with the mayoral race. 

The Minneapolis Votes website notes that because ranked-choice voting has a special tabulation process "some results could be delayed, even as late as Thursday." 

Minneapolis also used ranked-choice voting for city council, Board of Estimate and Taxation, and Park and Recreation Board this year. (St. Paul has ranked-choice voting too, but only for the mayoral race, which was decided Tuesday night.) 

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