Here's how you can use all those empty gift boxes to do something good

It's a win-win all around: Do some good, declutter your house, and avoid creating more trash.

What's your plan for all those empty gift boxes you now have laying around the house?

Give Back Box will help you get rid of all that cardboard, while also decluttering your home and doing something to help others – and it's all free.

Give Back Box's free shipping program makes it easier to donate things to those in need, and is an environmentally friendly way to reuse the boxes (instead of just recycling them or throwing them in the trash), the organization explains.

How does it work?

Take those empty boxes and fill them up with things you no longer need – household items such as gently used clothing, shoes or jewelry. (No electronics, liquids, fragile/hazardous/volatile items, or ammunition.) Then print your free shipping label from, stick it on the box, and drop it off or schedule a pickup.

The box will be delivered to the nearest local charity, which will sell the donated items. The money from sales can support employment placement, job training or other community-based services. 

While there's no weight limit for UPS pickups, USPS has a max of 70 pounds. And you can use any corrugated box – it doesn't have to be from a specific retailer.

And remember, it's all free to you. So it's a win-win all around.

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