Here's how you watch the Gophers-Nebraska game in virtual reality

If you have a Samsung phone with virtual reality goggles you'll be able to experience college football in a new way.

If you own a Samsung smartphone and Gear VR goggles you'll have the option of watching Saturday night's college football game between the Gophers and Nebraska Cornhuskers in virtual reality, the Big Ten Network says.

The game will still be available on Big Ten Network, with kickoff set for 6:30 p.m.

Here's how you do it

Samsung smartphone owners with GearVR goggles have to go into their Oculus store (you can do that on your phone without the goggles on) and download the free "Voke GearVR" app.

It's simple. We opened Oculus on a Samsung S7 Edge and it was the first thing that popped up when we started searching "Voke."

The image on the left is the search screen in Oculus and the image to the right is the app you have to get.

The experience seems pretty cool if you can stomach watching a game with goggles on. There are four 180-degree cameras that get you very close the action, all while listening to the game's normal broadcast crew.

NBA in virtual reality

While the men's NCAA Final Four was the first to show games in virtual reality, the NBA became the first professional league to show games in VR. They teamed up with Samsung to deliver one game a week during the entire 2015-16 season in virtual reality.

The NBA, however, isn't free. You have to have a full year's subscription to NBA League Pass ($119.99).

The Timberwolves will play the Spurs in the virtual reality game of the week on Jan. 17, 2017, and again on April 4 against the Golden State Warriors. Here's the full NBA virtual reality schedule.

One guy posted the experience on Youtube and it looks really cool with the exception of the streaming issues he was experiencing. You'll see two screens in the video, but it appears as one main screen when you're wearing the goggles.

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