Here's NFL interception king Blake Bortles on full display

Mistakes from Blake Bortles are bound to happen on Sunday.
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Blake Bortles has really struggled this season – his 15 interceptions are the most in the NFL. In his three-year career, the quarterback has more pick-sixes than career wins.

Even though the Vikings will be without safety Harrison Smith this week, they should have no problem going up against the Jaguars quarterback.

Here are 5 video "highlights" of Bortles doing what he does best. Enjoy.

Jay Cutler: bet you can't throw interceptions worse than me.

Blake Bortles: Hold my

— Franže Bropitar (@TFPWillEat) November 13, 2016

This last video is a whole compilation of missed throws from Bortles throughout his career.

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