Here's why one of the State Fair's new foods was immediately renamed

We think it may be a new record for the briefest appearance on a State Fair menu.

Most of us had not even had a chance to dig in to the list of new State Fair foods yet when it started changing.

On Tuesday morning the Fair unveiled the 31 items that will debut at the 2017 event. And before noon one of them already had a new name.

So if there's a record for "briefest appearance on a Minnesota State Fair menu," we're pretty sure that would go to the sandwich formerly (and briefly) known as The Swindler.

What was the problem?

The sandwich, which is now known as the Swing Dancer, consists of smoked salmon, cucumbers, cream cheese, and capers served on pumpernickel bread with some fresh dill and a lemon slice garnish.

Those ingredients are staples at a traditional Jewish deli. And the sandwich was called The Swindler, which is a word that originated in Germany to describe someone who uses schemes to cheat others out of money.

All of which led the website to quickly publish a post titled "Jewish Food with an Anti-Semitic Name." On social media they tagged the State Fair and some of the metro area's leading food critics.

Quick response: 'We deeply apologize'

The sandwich now known as the Swing Dancer will be served at a brand new State Fair establishment called the Hideaway Speakeasy.

As the name suggests, it has a Roaring '20s theme. Its two other entries on the new foods list are Mobster's Caviar and the Fall Guy Breakfast Panini.

An emailed statement from the State Fair announcing that The Swindler is now the Swing Dancer says "It was never the intention of the vendor or the State Fair to be offensive," and continues "We deeply apologize that we and the vendor didn't realize the negative connotation of the sandwich name."

TC Jewfolk revised its post to focus on the name change. The Hideaway Speakeasy's owners, Jennie and Bryan Enloe, told the website: “It was never our intention to harm anyone.”

A representative of the Enloes told the site: “We didn’t realize connotation of the ingredients with the name. There was no conversation about it,” adding that State Fair officials who looked over the menu also raised no concerns about the name.

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