Here's the happiest goose you've ever seen

This goose's mom comes home, and he can't wait to get a hug.

Geese have a reputation for being total jerks. Which might be warranted in some cases. But this goose, when he sees his human, turns into the happiest bird you've ever seen.

Check out this video posted by the Best Video You Will Ever See Facebook page.

When a Goose Loves a Human

How much does this goose LOVE his human mother?? Unbelievable! <3

Posted by Best Video You Will Ever See on Saturday, March 18, 2017

The video's been a huge hit with 26 million views, more than 673,000 shares, and 25,000 comments (though the comment section kind of devolves into a pretty bad vegetarians vs. omnivores argument).

And yeah, the video is kind of potato quality, but that's OK – you can still see/hear what's going on.

In Minnesota we've got Canada geese basically everywhere.

Does it make you want a goose as a pet? They eat grass, so you'll need a lot of that. But they don't need much for shelter outside of a ventilated area, Poultry Keeper says. They'll honk if strangers or animals try to come around the yard, their poop doesn't really smell and is pretty easy to clean up outside.

But they can be loud and scare easy (so watch kids around them). And they can live for 20-plus years – so be prepared for a commitment.

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