Here's what $1.3M-worth of pot looks like – and the dog who found it

... and the dog who found it.
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No driver should be speeding on the road, but especially not when you're carrying almost 300 pounds of marijuana.

A woman from Minnesota is behind bars after being found in possession of pot worth more than $1.3 million.

The 34 year old from Askov, Minnesota was pulled over by police in West Fargo, North Dakota, on Tuesday after being clocked going 63mph in a 55mph zone.

A K-9 officer called Disco was deployed, and he gave his human counterparts a "positive alert" to search the vehicle, police said in a news release.

What the officers found was stunning – some 286 pounds of marijuana with an estimate street value of $1.37 million.

The woman has been arrested for possession with intent to deliver and is currently in jail in Cass County, North Dakota. GoMN does not name an arrested person until they have been charged.

Needless the say the discovery is a record for the West Fargo police, but the West Fargo Pioneer reports it could be a record for the North Dakota State Patrol – which assisted with the arrest – as well.

“That stuff comes through more than people might know,” Sgt. Adam Gustafson told the newspaper, saying this is the result of more western states legalizing the medical or recreational use of marijuana.

The State Patrol said drug runners from western states have been shifting their routes north because of increased enforcement further south.

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