Here's what $310M in fixes did for the State Capitol

The 3-year $309 million restoration project is almost finished.

The three-year, nearly $310 million Minnesota State Capitol restoration project is almost finished.

The St. Paul building will be (almost) fully open next week on Jan. 3, 2017 – just in time for the legislative session. The St. Cloud Times says there will still be a few smaller construction projects going on there for awhile yet. But the building will remain open while those go on.

Since Sept. 2013 when the project first started, different parts of the Capitol had been closed off while construction was being done.

According to the Capitol’s website, this is the first “comprehensive preservation” of the building since it was built in 1905. This project is supposed to get the building through another 100 years.

What's different?

There have been a lot of repairs. Like crumbling stone, old windows and old marble have been replaced.

Areas have been repainted, and the Capitol has a new roof to keep water from leaking into it.

In the basement, there's a new public meeting space for about 95 people.

The elevators have windows now. Actually, this is similar to how the original elevators looked, but they were replaced years ago.

Other things you might not notice

A bunch of other things have been fixed up. You probably won't notice it all, though.

Like the old, corroded plumbing system has been replaced. So have some old electrical systems. Technology and mechanics have also been updated. And the newly renovated building is supposed to be more energy efficient.

You can check out hundreds of pictures of the restoration here.

A grand opening celebration for the Capitol will be held August 11-13.

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