Here's what Minnesotans in D.C. said about the inauguration

Trump "speaks for the forgotten man and woman" ... "I reject Trump's disturbing vision" ... "Ready to find common ground where possible."

January 20, 2017, marked a turning point in U.S. history. And here's what some of the Minnesotans who represent us in Congress had to say on the day of President Donald Trump's inauguration.

Rep. Tom Emmer

Tom Emmer, one of the state's three Republican Congressmen, called it a huge day. Emmer said in a statement the world had a chance to hear President Trump expound on his hopes for the country's future, adding:

"We listened to him speak once again to the forgotten man and woman who feel as though they have been left behind. And we heard that President Trump is committed now, more than ever, to truly put America first."

Rep. Betty McCollum

From the other side of the political aisle, Betty McCollum said the new president's inaugural address "presented a dark and frightening vision of an America divided at home and isolated in the world." McCollum, who wore a "#ProtectOurCare" pin in support of the Affordable Care Act, said in her statement:

"I completely reject President Trump's disturbing vision for our country. We are already a great nation and we must protect our future from this President's dangerous policies."

The other Minnesota representatives at the inauguration offered more measured responses to the inaugural.

Democratic Reps. Collin Peterson and Rick Nolan did not issue any public statements. Others chose to focus on the significance of the occasion, not on the new president himself.

Sen. Al Franken

Sen. Al Franken, for example, wrote a Facebook post that said in part:

"For over 200 years—from George Washington to Barack Obama—presidents have voluntarily passed the power of their office on to their successors. That’s bigger than any one person, and it’s something to be proud of."

Rep. Jason Lewis

Rep. Erik Paulsen

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Rep. Tim Walz

Walz, a Democrat who represents southern Minnesota, invited Minnesotans who are in Washington for Saturday's "Women's March on Washington" to gather at his office from 9 a.m. to noon.

Rep. Keith Ellison

Ellison is the one member of Minnesota's Congressional delegation who did not attend Friday's ceremony. He announced on Monday, the holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., that he'd be joining more than two dozen other House Democrats who stayed away from the event.

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