Here's where it might hit 80 degrees in Minnesota on Friday

Here's how close that would be to breaking the record high for Oct. 20.
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On a normal Oct. 20 for the Minneapolis area, the high temperature would be about 56 degrees with a low of about 38.

So just fine. Not too cold, but nowhere near summer anymore.

But tomorrow it could hit 80 degrees, brushing up against a heat record that goes back more than 60 years.

The National Weather Service Twin Cities is forecasting Oct. 20, 2017, to include a smattering of 80-degree readings throughout southern Minnesota. That includes Minneapolis and St. Paul, an area further west around Redwood Falls-Madison-Willmar, and then along the Wisconsin border near Red Wing.

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The rest of the southern two-thirds of the state should expect highs in the mid- to upper-70s, while up north it'll be the low- to mid-70s. 

In fact, the coldest projected high is in Grand Marais at a frigid, bone-chilling 72 degrees.

So pretty dang nice, all around.

What's the record high?

Let's jump back to the 80-degree regions.

Specifically in Minneapolis, the record high for an Oct. 20 was 83 degrees, set back in 1953, according to National Weather Service records. So if things go the way they're forecast, the city could climb close to that.

Red Wing is in line for 81 degrees, and the record recorded high there (measured at Dam 3) is 83 degrees. Again, very close.

Redwood Falls hit a record of 80 degrees in 2015, and could break that Friday (though the high measured at the airport is 90, so that won't fall).

And all of these high temps will come after a Thursday where everyone south of Brainerd is in the 70s, while upper 60s take over for the Northland.

The globe, by the way, just saw its fourth warmest September on record, the NOAA found. And the January-September period in 2017 has been the second warmest

After this week, the next time it'll get near the 70s in the Twin Cities probably won't be until next spring.

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