Here's why a Minnesota State Patrol cruiser was swerving all over 494

It happened this week on 494 near Hwy. 77.
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Would you know what was going on if a patrol vehicle began swerving with its lights flashing in front of you?

A video posted to Facebook on Thursday shows a Minnesota State Patrol vehicle swerving through all lanes of traffic on Interstate 494 in the Twin Cities metro, and it has many people wondering what was going on. 

Here's the video. (Warning: the video contains profane language, which Dion Garcia told BMTN he apologizes for)

"We call this the 'wiggle,'" says Lt. Tiffani Nielson, Public Information Officer with the Minnesota State Patrol. 

"It is used to slow traffic down and remove debris from the lane. At freeway speeds, this is a much safer way to slow traffic and move debris."


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Specific to Thursday, the troopers were slowing traffic on 494 eastbound to clear a piece of metal from the road near the Nicollet Avenue exit. 

Nielson said they typically start the wiggle maneuver when they're about a 1/4 mile from the debris. 

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