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Hermantown woman uses 10-foot pole to rescue jar-headed doe


Poor Bambi. A lucky whitetail doe is presumably out in the woods after spending several days with its head stuck in a plastic jar.

According to the Associated Press, Janet Murphy says the jar covered the deer's head just below its ears, and that it couldn't eat or drink. She says it kept showing up around her Hermantown home.

“I’m just thankful it could get some air in there,” Murphy tells the Duluth News Tribune.

The paper reports that Murphy first noticed the deer's dilemma last month, and calls to 911 and the Department of Natural Resources yielded no relief for the doe.

Finally Murphy reached Wildwoods, a wildlife rehabilitation organization in Duluth. Farzad Farr, a volunteer with Wildwoods, went to Murphy’s home armed with a 10-foot catch-pole, and let her cozy up to the deer.

Murphy handled the pole, a metal rod with a cable noose that can be put over an animal’s head and cinched. The rescue maneuver was on after she came home to find the deer lying on the edges of the woods near her home. The catch pole caught the bucket, and Murphy and the deer did a little rasslin'.

“When I started securing it, she started jumping just like in a rodeo,” Murphy tells the paper. “I pulled straight down on the ground, and it popped right off,” Murphy said.

Another volunteer at Wildwoods says the whole head-in-a-bucket thing happens a few times a year with raccoons, skunks and cats -- but this is their first deer.

Murphy says she hasn't seen the deer since.

The deer could not be reach for comment.

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