Hey, baby dall: A week-old Dall's sheep makes her debut at Como Zoo

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Even when the sun is out, you can make it a Rainy day by visiting the newest resident of St. Paul's Como Zoo.

Rainy is a Dall's sheep who was born last weekend and is sticking close to her parents, Storm and Thunder, the Zoo's birth announcement says. She made her public debut Friday.

Dall's sheep are best known for the big, curved horns that are especially prominent on adult males. Rainy, like her mom, will have smaller horns.

Those horns, by the way, are the same material (called keratin) that your fingernails are made of. And, kind of like a tree, you can tell the age of Dall's sheep by counting the rings on their horns.

Their two-pronged hooves and heavy coats make Dall's sheep well-suited for both cold weather and mountains.

So it makes sense that there are lots of them in Alaska.

In fact, Denali National Park in Alaska got its start as a sanctuary for Dall's sheep, who spend most of their time up above the treeline.


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