High court says Minnesota town can euthanize dog

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After a two-year battle between a dog owner and the city of Lino Lakes, Minn., which made its way all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court, the tussle over Brody the dog is over. The animal was euthanized on Friday, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Police in town said the golden retriever and Rottweiler mix had inflicted three “significant bites” on people. Dog owner Mitchell Sawh had argued that the injuries were not serious and that dog was either being playful or was provoked, and he took his case to court.

A state appeals court overturned Brody’s death sentence last year, noting that the city violated his right to challenge the animal's designation as "potentially dangerous."

But the Minnesota Supreme Court said the law did not require such a hearing, and ruled this week that Lino Lakes could put the dog down.

"Everyone is upset," Sawh, who is married and has two grown children, told the Pioneer Press. "My mother is 91 and is in tears all the time."

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