High heat, no air conditioning keeps 27 schools closed Friday


Students at 27 schools in Minneapolis will be getting another day off Friday thanks to the continuing heat wave in the Twin Cities metro area and around the state, KARE 11 reports.

The same schools had Thursday off due the excessive heat, since the buildings had limited or no air conditioning -- leading district officials call off classes over health and safety reasons.

If the schools look to retrofit the buildings with air condition, the costs could run any $250 million to $350 million, WCCO-TV reports.

Officials from Minneapolis Public Schools say this is first time schools have been cancelled due to excessive heat. The district say students will not have to make up the missed days.

The students in the affected schools will head back to classes after Labor Day.

The excessive week this week may prove to be aid those arguing against pre-Labor Day starts to schools in Minnesota. The Star Tribune reports that 59 school districts across the state successfully petitioned earlier this year for the early start.

Meanwhile, a break in heat wave is coming just in time for Labor Day.

KSTP-TV reports that the metro will see highs of 86 on Friday and 90 on Saturday, before the temperature dives to highs of 81 on Sunday and 76 on Monday.

Temperatures will peak in the low 80s are Tuesday through Thursday, the station forecasts.

The milder weather will be welcome new to the Minnesota State Fair. The Great Minnesota Get-Together's attendance has fallen to a five-year low over the past week because of the sweltering heat.

A new weather record was set Thursday at the State Fair – the most consecutive 90-degree days, at six, MPR's Updraft blog had noted.

See KARE's report on the Minneapolis school closures below.

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