High-speed chase ends when car runs out of gas


A lesson for fugitives: Before fleeing police, fuel up.

That's what Duangchang Keobounh-mee, 31, of Sacramento, Calif., learned Friday night in southeastern Minnesota, the Austin Daily Herald reported. The newspaper reports that he fled police, led them on a high-speed chase that hit 120-mph and then ran out of gas, investigators said.

The chase began in Austin, after the Steele County Sheriff’s office issued a report about a stolen car with North Dakota plates, the publication reported.

When police spotted Keobounh-mee's vehicle and tried to pull him over, he took off into Freeborn County and then flipped around and sped back into town, where his car eventually slowed to a stop, the Daily Herald said.

Officers used a Taser stun gun to subdue him during the arrest, the newspaper said.

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