Highway 212 shooting investigation completed, but no details released

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An officer-involved shooting on Highway 212 in February that left two people dead has prompted a dizzying array of questions, but investigators have offered few specific details.

What exactly happened on that that stretch of road in Eden Prairie?

Finally, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigation is complete, a spokeswoman with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety noted in a two-sentence email to the media on Wednesday.

But no details will be released to the public, perhaps for months, the Star Tribune reports.

"The BCA’s findings have been turned over to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office for review," the emails says. For that reason, the probe's findings will be kept under wraps as prosecutors mull whether to file charges in the case, officials say.

Agents have spent the last few months piecing the investigation together, including reviews of witness interviews and analysis of evidence, including a knife found at the scene of the shootings.

What's known from state investigators is that on Feb. 7, Matthew Serbus, 36, of Maple Grove, and Dawn Pfister, 34, of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, in a stolen red Saab, rear-ended another vehicle and then were pursued by police. The chase hit speeds of up to 90 mph, the BCA says.

Police ultimately used stop sticks on the road surface that punctured the tires of the fleeing car, which crashed.

What happened next has not been fully explained, but the BCA has said the couple got out of the car and Serbus produced a knife. Refusing orders to drop it, responding officers shot him multiple times, investigators say. They also shot Pfister as she took possession of the knife, investigators have said.

Authorities have said four officers were involved in the shooting – two Chaska officers, a state trooper and a Carver County Sheriff's officer. They were put on administrative leave after the incident but have since gone back to work, the Star Tribune notes. More on the officers here.

Pfister and Serbus were suspects in a previous attempted car theft case in Rochester, officials have said.

Pfister's father has said he had hired a lawyer to look into the case.

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