Holiday packages going postal? Sunday delivery plan includes Twin Cities

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The U.S. Postal Service motto mentions that neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night can keep its couriers from their appointed rounds. Now in some places the day of the week is also losing its ability to bring parcel delivery to a halt.

From Nov. 17 through Christmas Day, the Postal Service plans to deliver packages every day of the week in some markets.

A spokesman for the Service tells the Associated Press selected locations in the Twin Cities area will be part of the Sunday delivery plan, based on mail volume.

In a statement, the Postal Service says it expects the number of packages it delivers during the holiday season will grow about 12 percent over last year, putting total deliveries in the range of 450 million to 470 million.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe says "E-commerce package business continues to be a big player now more than ever, so we’ve enhanced our network to ensure America that we’ll deliver their cards, gifts and letters in time for the holidays.”

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Fortune says the move to seven-day package delivery is part of the Postal Service's effort to keep pace with UPS and FedEx in serving the growing number of e-shoppers.

Both UPS and FedEx say they've beefed up their seasonal hires this year, after failing to get some packages delivered by Christmas last year.

The National Retail Federation says its surveys show 56 percent of holiday shoppers expect to make at least some of their purchases online. Those online shoppers also plan to spend more than overall shoppers, the Federation says.

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