Home Depot, Target workers gear up for Black Friday protest over pay


They are choosing the busiest shopping day of the year to make their point.

Workers at stores across the Twin Cities are expected to join in with union-organized strikes and protests outside their places of work on Black Friday.

The Star Tribune reports that janitors who work for companies that clean Home Depot, Best Buy, Kohl's, Target and Sears will be demonstrating outside the stores.

Members of workers unions are seeking improved wages, benefits, and for employers to tackle the issue of employees being overworked, or not being allowed to work enough, according to WCCO.

Workers from Wal-Mart in University Avenue, St. Paul, have already announced they will be joining in with employees at 1,600 stores nationwide protesting against pay and working hours.

The Star Tribune also said that fast-food worker protests and a demonstration by airport workers are scheduled in the Twin Cities in December 4 and 5.

The newspaper adds that around 50 workers have committed to the janitorial strike. They plan to meet on Friday morning near the Target and Home Depot off Interstate 35W in Northeast Minneapolis.

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