Home free: House available in Duluth at no cost, with a catch

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There's a free house up for grabs in Duluth – a 101-year-old two-bedroom assessed at $139,800. But the new owner would have to pay moving expenses, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

That is, the expense of moving the house.

The house at 1220 Woodland Ave. needs to be relocated to clear the lot for an 8,000-square-foot restaurant to be built on the site. Most recently, the structure has been a real estate leasing office, the newspaper reports.

The move would not be easy or cheap. And it's a heavy lift. The bricks are likely to fall off, although that problem can be remediated, experts say.

Interested? Move fast – the process needs to be under way in the next 30 to 45 days, officials say.

House movers have a complex web of factors to consider, this MSN real estate story notes, from city codes to finding a good route for the move. The owners of a historic Portland, Ore., house last week found that power lines and trees made it tough to find a new route to their property 2 miles away.

Still, moving a house is sometimes a great option for land owners in the right situation. They include Julie and Randy Olson, who bought a 4,200-square-foot wood-frame house for $1 and moved it to a lot in Brook Park, Minn., that they had paid $22,000 for, the New York Times wrote in a story that examines the complexities of moving a house. The couple then spent $100,000 renovating the place, the newspaper reported.

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