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Homicides dropped in Hennepin Co. last year, other violent crimes went up

Homicides were down 26 percent.

Generally speaking, violent crimes went up in Hennepin County last year.

The sheriff's office released a statement Friday saying violent crimes increased by 3 percent from 2015 to 2016.

Homicide, rape, business robbery, person-to-person robbery, and aggravated assault are all considered violent crimes.

Business robberies saw the biggest increase – 187 cases in 2015 to 229 in 2016. That's 22 percent more.

The number of rapes increased from 719 to 740 – that's up 3 percent. And aggravated assaults went from 2,687 to 2,939 – up 9 percent.

However, homicides really dropped. There were 46 in 2016, compared to 62 in 2015. That's down 26 percent.

Person-to-person robbery also dropped a bit. It was at 1,975 last year, down 6 percent.

Property crimes

Property crimes – like residential and business burglaries, general and motor vehicle theft, and arson – didn't see any significant change.

Motor vehicle theft had the biggest difference in that category – 2,843 last year, up 19 percent.

Arson was down 13 percent, and the rest of the crimes had pretty small changes.

You can see all the exact numbers here.

Crimes were up in 2015, too

This is the second year in a row that violent crime went up in the Twin Cities county.

In 2015, crime went up 8 percent from 2014. But homicides went way up that year – 48 percent. So 2016's homicide numbers were much more in line with 2014's. There were 40 homicides compared with 46 last year.

“We are constantly reevaluating our public safety strategies and redirecting our resources to better fight crime in the county,” Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said.

Minneapolis makes up a big part of Hennepin County, so it makes sense that the city saw a significant increase in violent crime last year too. Last month, city officials blamed a “small part” of the city’s population – offenders who repeatedly commit crimes despite numerous arrests – for that increase and promised to aggressively go after those responsible.

Apart from not committing crimes, you can help keep communities safe by reporting crime tips.

You can report tips to the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office anonymously by calling 1-888-988-8477 or filling out a form online.

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