Loyalty, Inc.: AnyTime Fitness employees, franchisees get company tattoos


Some employees of Anytime Fitness came home from the company's recent annual conference in Florida with more than memories and a souvenir T-shirt.

The Business Journal reports the Hastings-based fitness chain brought in tattoo artist Jimmy Hayden to ink the company logo on roughly 200 franchisees, corporate employees, club managers and personal trainers. Hayden's celebrity clients include LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal and Keyshia Cole.

Previously the Business Journal reported on the tattoo tradition that the fitness company has adopted. The company estimated that more than 1,200 people around the world now sport the Running Man logo, including CEO Chuck Runyon. The trend started several years ago when a personal trainer accepted a dare to have the tattoo and Runyon agreed to pay for it.

ABC News included Anytime Fitness in a story on corporate tattoos that aired this week on Good Morning America. The report said the company routinely reimburses franchisees, employees and gym members who get the logo in permanent ink.

Anytime Fitness has more than 2,300 gyms around the world.

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