Hormel is releasing a healthier version of bacon (meaning no sugar)

This bacon has no sugar.

"I have had a really hard time finding bacon that doesn't have added sugar," Ripcord_Jennie complained on a dieting forum in 2012, adding (with a hint of frustration), "I want bacon."

Well, Ripcord_Jennie, it's taken five years, but sugar-free bacon is now going mainstream thanks to a Minnesota meat giant.

Hormel Foods has announced the launch of No Sugar Bacon, which will be released this month under the Applegate Naturals brand (an organic meats company Hormel bought a couple years ago).

"This humanely raised bacon will satisfy sugar conscious consumers seeking a bacon that doesn’t list sugar as an ingredient, but maintains a hickory smoke flavor bacon lovers yearn for," the company said in a news release. 

Indeed, it's kind of difficult to find such a "holy grail" of delicious, cured meats.

Sugar-free bacon "has historically been really darned hard to find, even on the internet," says an article from Whole30 (a paleo-like diet that requires total abstinence from the sweet stuff). "Unless you happened to have a local farm who supplied such a thing."

This is because of how bacon would normally taste without sugar, which is widely used to "reduce the harshness" of the salt flavor during the curing process. 

There are a couple of caveats with this new wonder-bacon from Hormel, though.

According to the information on the packaging, the product is "not preserved," which means it's uncured. This requires the bacon to be "refrigerated below 40°F at all times."

It's also free of antibiotics, artificial ingredients, and chemical nitrites and nitrates, the company says.

Why is Hormel doing it?

For pretty much the same reason any company does anything: consumer demand (and to make money, of course).

In the news release, Hormel says a "recent survey found 65 percent of adults want to cut down or completely avoid sugar in their diet and revealed sugar as the top item consumers are trying to avoid."

Or maybe they just read that post from Ripcord_Jennie.

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