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Hormel's newest health-conscious play: Meat, cheese, dark chocolate

Hormel's been trending toward healthy-sounding products recently.

Hormel made itself a Fortune 500 company with convenient meats: blocks of Spam, cans of chili, packaged turkey.

But the company's newest food product – though it does contain meat – is aimed at the health-conscious, flexible snacking crowd.

Check out Hormel's on-the-go snack packs: $1.50-$2 for a package of bite-size meat, cheese and dark chocolate-covered treat.

They're 2 ounces, and come in four flavors:

Each pack has 9-10 grams of protein, and includes Hormel's "100 percent natural deli meat," the company says. 

Guess who loves healthy snacks ...

Young people like to snack. And they like those snacks to be (or at least seem to be) healthy.

Millennials also like snacking a lot – four times a day, this research found.

And since they're now the largest generation group in the world, that demand for easy, health-conscious snacks is growing.

Forbes, writing about a Nielsen research snacking report, found millennials look at snacking as something to be "healthy" and "mindful" about. Snacks that are low-prep and leave little mess, and are high in protein-rich foods (lean meats, nuts, granola bars) are especially sought after.

Sound like a product Hormel just introduced?

It fits into what Hormel has done recently in its quest to have "products perceived as healthy," as Hormel President and COO Jim Snee put it in 2016

It bought Applegate Farms, Justin's Specialty Nut Butter, Wholly Guacamole and other businesses, and also developed its own "Natural Choice" line.

Funny enough, Hormel last year tried a test run of bite-size, on-the-go Spam snacks – but they lasted just six months then were pulled because people weren't that into them.

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