Horror stories revealed from State Patrol's crackdown on distracted drivers


The Minnesota State Patrol cracked down on distracted drivers in April – and the actions of some suspected offenders are pretty shocking.

The force shared stories of people its troopers have pulled over on social media, which range from using cellphones, to texting or surfing the web, to eating at the wheel and even doing math.

More than 300 agencies have took part in the crackdown on driving "multi-taskers," which ended in April.

Here are some of the more notable offenses shared by the State Patrol this past week:

At the ballpark?

Do the math

Friendly reminder

Child's play

Selfie-ish driving

A handful

Cone of silence

The game is up

The painted lady

Read it and weep

The state patrol said that in 2014, distracted driving was a factor in 16,900 crashes, resulting in 56 deaths and 165 injuries on Minnesota's roads.

There were also 3,200 citation issued to people violating the state's texting-while-driving laws last year, resulting in fines of between $125 to $145 for each violation.

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