Hot wires, steel cables and fire hoses can't topple Superior ice sculpture

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Who knew toppling a 50-foot-tall ice sculpture was going to be this difficult?

Roger Hanson wants to get his creation down. It's 5 million pounds, it's standing in Superior, Wisconsin's Barkers Island, and Hanson's contract says it's got to be on the ground by Sunday.

Plus, Northland's NewsCenter says he has been living in a trailer nearby since January, and he wants to go home to Big Lake, Minnesota.

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Yet for the past few days, try as he (and others) might, the thing will. Not. Budge.

"NOT giving up!," he wrote on Facebook. "Now that I want it to go down so I can go home, this structure just will not go down. I have been trying everything in my power ... This THING is more obstinate than me."

Here's what's been tried so far:

  • Water jet erosion
  • Steel cables
  • Cutting with a hot wire
  • The fire department's hose
  • Wishful thinking

Somewhat ironic – on his quest to build the world's tallest ice sculpture, the work collapsed on its own midway through. And Hanson had to start over.

Whatever tactic is tried next, it'll happen Thursday as part of another toppling attempt, the Duluth News Tribune says.

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