Hotel clerk recorded audio of newlywed sex


A St. Paul hotel clerk was sentenced to 90 days in jail for making an audio recording of a newlywed couple having sex, the Pioneer Press reports.

Night clerk Jeremiah Caleb Marg, 29, of Burnsville, who works at the Hotel 340 in downtown St. Paul, admitted he planted the recorder in the room of a Minneapolis couple late last year. The couple found the device, reported it to police and said it caused them great distress.

Marg pleaded guilty as part of a plea agreement, the Pioneer Press reported. The hotel fired him.

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Hotels enlisted to combat sex traffic

Noting that the sale of young girls for sex often begins with online ads and ends in suburban hotels, a coalition of officials from law enforcement and the hospitality industry launched an initiative to put hotel and motel workers on the front lines of the fight against prostitution.

Historic St. Paul hotel building sold for $4.7M

The new owners of the downtown Lowry Hotel building, St. Paul-based Madison Equities, plans to open a street-level restaurant and bar by year's end, the Pioneer Press reports. A dining area on the 11th-floor roof will open next spring.

Newlyweds' gifts, cards stolen

Josh and Emily Wood were married Saturday, and the next day they discovered all their wedding gifts had been stolen from an SUV parked at a Blaine hotel. "They can't take our memories, it was the best day of our lives," Emily Wood says.

Thieves steal wedding gifts of Plymouth newlyweds

Lisa and Brian Finnvik were married Saturday at the Profile Event Center on the University of Minnesota campus, and their cards and gifts were left in a parked car at a Holiday Inn. The next morning, they discovered roughly $3,000 worth of gift cards and checks had been stolen. They say it should serve as a warning to other newlyweds. A similar crime happened in July.