How far you can drive from the Twin Cities with $50 worth of gas

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Say you want to road trip, but you've only got $50 for gas each way: How far can you get?

Well, here's an answer.

The website put together some maps showing how far $50 of regular gas will get you if starting in a bunch of different U.S. cities, including Minneapolis. Here's a look at that one:

Detroit? In reach, apparently. As is St. Louis, Wichita, Indianapolis, South Dakota's Badlands, and some of Canada's southernmost national parks on the eastern coast of Lake Superior.

There are a couple variables of course:

In 2013, the Washington Post reported average fuel economy for cars and light trucks in the U.S. was 23.6 mile per gallon. has way more maps, including St. Louis (the only inland metropolis where $50 will get you to the ocean) and Denver (which could get you to the very southwestern tip of Minnesota).

How are gas prices right now?

Gas prices in Minnesota are on the cheaper side compared to the rest of the U.S.

Most of the state is averaging $1.32-$1.47 a gallon, according to's map.

Meanwhile, AAA's daily fuel gauge report has the national average as of Feb. 8 at $1.74 a gallon.

In Minnesota specifically, the average for a gallon of regular is $1.53 – that's down 30 cents from a month ago. A year ago, we were paying about $2.16 a gallon.

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