How many cars were towed in Minneapolis' first snow emergency?

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The first real snow of the winter meant the first snow emergency declarations across the state.

And also the first mass towing.

Vehicles that don't follow the snow emergency rules often get hauled away to the impound lot.

So just how many cars were taken in Minneapolis over the past three days?

Elizabeth Haugen, a spokesperson for the city of Minneapolis, told BringMeTheNews a total of 1,727 cars were towed during the snow emergency (which started at 9 p.m. Tuesday, and ran through 8 p.m. Thursday).

A breakdown of where the tows occurred was not available late Thursday, Haugen said.

About 40 percent of that came overnight Thursday, during the first period.

And how to get your car back? The standard tow charge is $138, plus $18 a day for a storage rate. Heavy-duty vehicles face higher charges, and there's also a $6 notification letter penalty.

If you think your car may have been towed, the city has an online vehicle search. The city will also mail you a letter within 72 hours.

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