How many people in your county believe global warming is happening?

Most Minnesotans believe in global warming, but fewer believe it's being caused by human activity.

Yale University has put together this nifty map tool that shows you how many people believe in global warming in every American county.

The university released an interactive map showing opinions and perceptions about global warming and the impact of humans on the warming climate across the U.S., which it put together using this rather complicated methodology.

So what does it say about Minnesota? Well, it shows that the majority of Minnesotans believe that the earth is indeed warming. Even in the county with the lowest score, Sherburne County, 61 percent still believe it's happening.

The urban areas around the Twin Cities, Duluth, Rochester and Moorhead have the highest levels of belief in global warming, with with 77 percent of people in both Hennepin and Ramsey counties believing it's happening.

Across Minnesota as a whole, 69 percent believe it's happening, one point below the 70 percent national average, and what is particularly interesting is the change in results when the question is focused in a slightly different way.

But what about man-made climate change?

Temperature trends make it difficult for some to dispute the fact the earth is warming, however some Minnesotans are more skeptical when asked if they believe that the warming climate is the result of human activity.

This has long been a contentious point at a political level, with those not in favor of anti-climate change policies casting doubt over the human impact, even though the general consensus of the scientific community – including NASA – says that the emissions of man-made greenhouse gases are a major factor in the spike in worldwide temperatures.

Look what happens to the map in Minnesota when people consider whether climate change is caused by human activities.

Again, the majority of people in urban areas believe this to be the case, but the overall belief dips below 50 percent in some of Minnesota's more rural counties.

Sherburne and Wright counties have the lowest percentage of people believing in man-made climate change, at 46 percent.

Even more people are skeptical of the idea that "most scientists think that climate change is happening," with just 39 percent of residents in Big Stone County in western Minnesota believing this, the study shows.

And this is the case even though the majority of Minnesotans trust what climate scientists say about global warming.

Even though many believe in climate change, not everyone thinks they'll be personally harmed by its impact, with 58 percent of Minnesotans saying global warming will only impact them "a little, or not at all."

This is in contrast to those living in the warmer south and west coast, with people living in counties in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas particularly worried about the impact of global warming and the risk of personal harm it could bring.

Minnesotans not a fan of coal power

In terms of energy policy, which this week has seen President Donald Trump roll back the "Clean Power Plan" that aimed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from U.S. power plants, 75 percent of Minnesotans think CO2 should be regulated as a pollutant.

And 68 percent of Minnesotans think coal power plants should have strict CO2 limits placed on them, while 84 percent are supportive of funding research into renewable energy sources.

You can find more Yale Climate Opinion Maps right here.

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