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How Minnesotans are helping Syrian refugees


KSTP-TV reports that Minnesotans are helping the more than 2 million Syrian refugees who have fled to camps in Jordan over the last couple of years.

Since February, the American Refugee Committee, based in Minneapolis, has been supporting those camps with clean water, sanitation services and even protection for women and children, the station reports.

St. Cloud Native Nick Vangen-Weeks, who has made two trips to Jordan this year, tells the station: "It's really important we do everything we can to try to make it better."

Meanwhile, there is disagreement among Minnesota's two Senators and eight members of Congress on what the U.S. should do about Syria.

U.S. President Barack Obama is considering a limited strike on Syrian military installations, but both critics and allies have called on him to wait for the U.N. release its findings.

CNN reports this morning that United Nations weapons inspectors left Syria today carrying evidence from the sites of alleged chemical weapons attacks.

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