How much caffeine is in your cup?

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Feeling jittery? Before you order your next pumpkin spice latte, consider how much caffeine you're consuming. While caffeine has its perks, boosting alertness and concentration, too much can cause stomach upset, insomnia, anxiety, muscle tremors and rapid heartbeat, reports MedlinePlus. Caffeine isn’t limited to drinks, either — it shows up in everything from ice cream to headache medicine.

If you’re a healthy adult without caffeine sensitivities, the Harvard School of Public Health recommends limiting your intake to 400 mg per day.

To find out how much caffeine is in your favorite drink or treat, check out the numbers below, gleaned from a few different sources, including Center for Science in the Public Interest and Experience Life magazine:

Brewed coffee, decaffeinated (16 fl oz) = 4-24 mg

Dark chocolate bar (1 oz) = 12-24 mg

Coca Cola (12 fl oz) = 35 mg

Håagen-Dazs coffee ice cream (8 oz) = 48 mg

Green tea (16 fl oz) = 50 mg

Espresso (1 oz) = 47-75 mg

Red Bull (8.4 fl oz) = 80 mg

Black tea (16 fl oz) = 95 mg

Excedrine Migraine (2 tablets) = 130 mg

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, grande (16 fl oz) = 150 mg

Brewed coffee (16 fl oz) = 190 mg

Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with Turbo Shot, large (20 fl oz) = 436 mg

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