Here's where to sell or swap those gift cards you don't want

There are a few places you can sell it for cash, or trade it for one you'll actually use.

You probably got a gift card as a present this year.

Nearly 6 out of every 10 people (59 percent) planned to give one, the National Retail Federation found. Restaurants and department stores are the most common types.

If it's a gift card you're not going to use, don't let it gather dust in a drawer or take up space in your wallet. Here are some ways to get something back for it.

Sell it for cash or swap it

There are three big players in the online gift card selling and trading space.

At CardPool, you can sell the gift cards at a discounted rate, and get either a check or Amazon gift card in return.

CardCash offers a similar deal, but you can trade it for a host of other possible gift cards.

And Raise lets users list and sell gift cards directly at a prescribed discounted rate.

You can also sell your gift cards for cash at CoinStar Exchange kiosks. The kiosks accept gift cards from dozens of retailers.

Trade it in to Target

Target is among the retailers that will let you bring in a gift card for a major brand and exchange it for a Target gift card

Take it to a participating store (search here) and an employee will make you an offer, Target's website says. You don't have to accept if you don't want to, of course.

Target accepts hundreds of different retailers' gift cards, from AMC to Zumiez, though you probably won't get the full value. For example, Target might offer you $85 for a $100 gift card to a different retailer. You can find the eligible gift cards here.

(Note: Walmart and GameStop tried this briefly too, but neither appears to do it anymore.)

Donate or re-gift it

And last but not least, if you don't want it, regift it – preferably to someone you think will actually find it useful.

You can also donate some of them. Children's Minnesota, for example, takes $15-$20 gift cards for places like Target, Amazon and iTunes for adolescent patients to use.

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