How to get your hands on an iPhone X

Demand is expected to outstrip supply for months, so you need to act fast.

Apple starts taking pre-orders for the iPhone X at 2:01 a.m. Central Time on Friday and anticipation is hot, making things difficult for anyone hoping to get their hands on one.

Because they're really complicated to make, Bloomberg reports that only 2-3 million of the $999 phones are expected to be ready on launch day, Nov. 3.

And the Washington Post reports that's Apple's only expected to have 20-30 million available over the entire Holiday season, yet 40 million people are expected to preorder the phone on Friday morning.

This means it could be March or April by the time Apple has improved supply to the point that you can just walk into a store and pick up the next phone, the newspaper notes. 

Friday's preorder sale is your best chance of getting an iPhone X in time for Christmas, otherwise you'll need to join the days-long lines to get one of a probably limited number of iPhone Xs in stock when hit store shelves on Nov. 3.

If you're willing to wake up in time to preorder, CNBC and MacRumors are among the sites that have put together a list of tips on how to ensure you're successful in buying one.

Here's what they suggest:

– Use the Apple mobile app: This rather than the website, which is known to go offline or lag because of user traffic, CNBC notes.

Select your phone now: MacRumors suggests you choose the model, capacity and color you want now and then save it into your favorites, so you can access it quickly when the time to pre-order arrives.

Make sure your payment info is up to date: There's nothing worse than getting through to checkout under time pressure only to have to re-up your card details.

Consider carriers instead: If you think the Apple website and app is going to be insanely busy, CNBC suggests going instead to cellphone carriers like Verizon, AT&T etc., who will also have some to sell.

Use early upgrade: If you're in Apple's iPhone early upgrade program, you can get your purchase ready now by completing the pre-approval process in the Apple Store app. That way you can speed through checkout when pre-orders go live.

Or electronics retailers: Companies including Best Buy will also have a supply of iPhone Xs to sell. You can find Best Buy's iPhone X purchase page here.

Set an alarm: Make sure you're up 15 minutes before sales start so you're all prepped.

Even if you follow the above tips, there's still a chance you could miss out. Because of the expected demand, AppleNws says there's a chance available supply will sell out within minutes.

If you're unsuccessful fear not, GoMN has this list of better ways to spend $1,000.

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