How to protect your home from burglary when away on spring break


It would be another cruel joke from mean-spirited Old Man Winter. Imagine finally getting away to a place where your nose hairs don't freeze, only to come home to a burgled dwelling and a long sit-down with your insurance agent to fill out numerous forms to recover your stolen flat screen and heirloom jewelry.

FOX 9 put together a list of tips for people planning spring break trips. The story said that many police departments offer homeowners a free, personalized security screening.

While these suggestions come from the Eden Prairie Police Dept., the tips, precautions and reminders can keep you safe, no matter where you live.

The top suggestion is what the cops call "Social Silence." Shut yer yap about being out of town.

"Don't mention your absence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media, and don't post photos while you're still on vacation," the story said. And remember, this goes for all members of the family, so it might require bribing or threatening teenagers.

Police suggest that you don't keep valuables in your bedroom, typically the first place burglars look. Hide them in an unlikely place.

Many of the other ideas involve basic common sense. Make sure doors and windows are locked, including the door between your home and garage. Set motion-sensing lights near entrances and set timers on lights, radios and TVs to make it look like you're home.Place a hold on mail and newspaper delivery – easy to do online. Let neighbors know you will be away and encourage them to call 911 if they see anything suspicious.

And of course, arrange for someone to shovel your driveway and sidewalk while you are having fun in a blizzard-free zone.

This advice should come in handy for a lot of travelers. The Associated Press reported that travel agents across the Midwest and the East Coast are busily booking warm weather vacations for the winter-weary. Travel agents say the numbers of travelers would be even higher if all those who wanted to get away could find a seat on jets that are already full.


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