How to keep your paws warm

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KARE 11 reminds viewers that pets may have coats, but many still have trouble weathering the cold. Among tips to protect pets is a reminder to keep them well-fed, because they burn more energy when they're cold.


  • Check the water bowl to make sure it's not frozen.
  • Protect paws with booties. If you can't touch the ground for five seconds, your dog or cat shouldn't either.
  • Booties will also protect paws from winter salt and chemicals. If you don't have booties, wash and dry your pets' paws after they come in.
  • You can use PawThaw to de-ice your driveway or sidewalk. It uses non-corrosive products that are kinder to paws than most ice melters.
  • It may seem obvious, but keep your pet indoors if you can. But not in a car. in Fairfax County,Virginia has been covering cold weather there. It has additional tips to protect your pets.

  • Pets can get frostbite too. If they begin to shiver, or their extremeties begin getting red, bring them inside immediately.
  • Watch out for antifreeze. Dogs and cats may be attracted to its sweet smell but it is toxic. If pets ingest it, their lives may depend on seeing a veterinarian quickly.
  • Cold temperatures may aggravate arthritis. Make sure your pet has a warm place to sleep. Your vet can prescribe something to ease stiffness and pain.
  • Be careful about car engines. Cats especially have been known to seek warmth under the hood. Make sure no animals are near the engine when you start your car.
  • Speaking of car engines, it only takes a few minutes for a small pet to die from carbon monoxide poisoning in a sealed garage with the engine running.
  • Rodents are attracted to the warmth of homes when it's freezing outside. But what poisons a mouse or rat will also poison your pet. Make sure poisons are inaccessible.

KHOU in Houston posted similar precautions. Temperatures in that city may dip below 40 Tuesday. is also cautioning pet owners about the cold. The forecast there is for 30s.

And Fox4KC in Kansas City, Missouri warns that cold air makes it tougher for pets to breathe. 30s there too.

Which only goes to say, you can't be too careful out there!

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