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Hudson basketball coach gets 20 year sentence for molesting babysitter

Louis French assaulted the girl from since she was in the 5th grade.

What's happening? 

The freshman girl's basketball coach at Hudson High School, Wisconsin, has been sentenced to 20 years for molesting his children's underage babysitter.

Louis French, 43, was sentenced by a St. Croix County judge to serve 10 years in prison and 10 years on extended supervision – which would send him back to prison if he violates the term of his release, the Pioneer Press reports.

The newspaper notes this was five years more supervision than prosecutors had been asking for, which the judge says was necessary because of the manipulation French used on his victim.

What did he do?

French was the coach of the JV-2 program – freshman's girls' team – at Hudson High School since October 2016, and has been put on paid administrative leave following the charges.

When we reported the charges in October, they revealed French assaulted his babysitter over a period of years stretching from when she was in 5th Grade to when she was 13 years old.

He also allegedly sent her explicit pictures and videos over social media app Snapchat, including one of his genitalia that he sent in response to a staged message sent by police.

Hudson High School told GoMN that there was no indication that French had engaged in inappropriate conduct with any of the girls he coached at the school.

A letter sent to parents also said that a background check carried out prior to French's hiring "did not show any concerns."

Sexual assault in Minnesota

While French's crime happened in Wisconsin, statistics for Minnesota reveal that more than 60,000 children and adults are sexually assaulted every year.

One in 70 Minnesota children suffer a sexual assault, the Minnesota Department of Health notes, with the highest rate among girls aged 13-17.

The Central MN Sexual Assault Center notes that assault figures are not likely comprehensive, given that only around a third of sexual assaults are thought to be reported.

The CDC notes that 42.2 percent of female rape victims were first raped before the age of 18, with 12.3 percent first raped when they were 10 or younger.

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