Humane Society names MN dog kennel in 'Horrible Hundred' list of puppy mills

And it's a repeat offender.

A northern Minnesota dog breeder has earned a spot on the Human Society's annual "Horrible Hundred" list.

It's a list of 100 dog breeders and kennels that the organization has deemed "problematic" due to poor living conditions of sorts. It's not a list of every puppy mill in the U.S., nor is it necessarily a list of the 100 worst in the nation.

Regardless, there's one Minnesota name on the list: S. G. Kennels in Roseau.

According to Humane Society documents, the kennel failed at least 11 recent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspections, and repeatedly failed to treat a dog with health problems, "even after multiple warnings."

The kennel made the list last May too, but stayed on the Humane Society's radar.

In 2016, inspectors noted a Pomeranian with dental disease and ears that oozed "a thick brown discharge." That was included in last year's report. And this year, that same dog was noted as being in the same condition.

According to the report, the USDA found several other violations, like filthy and hazardous living conditions. Apparently there's rust in the dogs' area and "sharp points" that could hurt the animals.

One redeeming aspect for our state: Minnesota was among the states with the lowest number of puppy mills on the list. Missouri had the most, with 19.

About puppy mills

Puppy mills are essentially commercial puppy-breeding facilities. Usually when people or places refer to puppy mills, they're referring to facilities where dogs are living in poor, cramped conditions and being overbred.

The Humane Society takes a strong stance against such facilities, calling them "inhumane."

According to the society, there are about 10,000 of these in the U.S.

Puppy mills are generally considered completely separate from professional breeders who take pride in their animals' health. You can learn more about the differences here.

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