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Humane Society rescues 53 dogs from 'filthy' property in Pine County


More than 50 dogs have been rescued from deplorable conditions on a property in Pine County, after the owner – a breeder – was no longer able to properly care for the animals.

The Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley said in a news release it took in 53 dogs, including two puppies, over the past few weeks. All the dogs are hound mixes.

The dogs were chained up outside and isolated, and could only see one another from a distance, according to the Humane Society. The animals didn't have adequate shelter and were living in wet, filthy conditions. Some of them were injured from fighting.

A Humane Society spokesman says the dogs are in fairly good physical health, according to KARE 11. But since they had so little interaction with humans, the dogs have been going through rehabilitation and behavior modification to prepare them to be adopted.

KARE 11 notes that 10 of the dogs have already been placed in new homes, and another 22 are ready to be adopted.

The Humane Society cautions that the animals will need some extra care from their new owners.

"Because they were kept outside, tied up with little human interaction, these animals will require patience and understanding to safely transition to a new home. AHS will provide behavioral support to those who adopt dogs from this case, including a free 30-minute private training session."

In addition to the dogs, authorities removed horses and other farm animals from the property, according to the Humane Society. 

Since the breeder surrendered the animals, he won't be charged with a crime, KARE 11 reports.

You can get more information about the dogs available for adoption here.

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