Hundreds 'Go Topless' at Minneapolis park to rally for gender equality

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Hundreds of bare-chested women gathered in Minneapolis to rally for gender equality Sunday as part of the international "Go Topless" movement.

"As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests," the Facebook event explains, noting in the 1930s men fought for their right to be bare chested and won.

Some women risked being arrested when they went completely topless at the park, while others opted for a sticker or pasties to cover up enough to not be breaking the state's "somewhat vague" indecent exposure law, the Star Tribune notes.

The city of Minneapolis also has vague ordinances regarding public toplessness, FOX 9 says, noting what constitutes "public indecency" is often left up to the police officer's judgement.

Men also took part in the rally, wearing bikini tops to highlight the "stupid" double standard, WCCO reports.

Dozens of other rallies were held around the world to celebrate "Go Topless Day", which is held annually on the Sunday closest to Women's Equality Day on Aug. 26, reports note. This was the first "Go Topless" rally held in Minneapolis since the movement began eight years ago, KARE 11 notes.

Faith Neumann, who organized the rally, said the group decided to have a "normal day in the park" instead of holding a march like other cities, to show that being naked in public isn't weird, the Star Tribune says. The paper notes that those passing by the park didn't seem to notice people were topless.

No arrests were made and there were only a few police officers present during the event, KARE 11 says.

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